Martindale District Youth Group News

Thank you for checking out our website. I will try to keep the info current, and relevant. Notice the upcoming youth events tab for our schedule.

Please save the date... Saturday November 1st... we are asking all youth to be at Martindale Church @ 7:30... To start the evening Glen Esh is going to be sharing stories about his recent experience in Tajikistan...(his family lived there for 6 months) then following that we are planning on a "rehersal" for youth church... since most youth will be involved in some way, we would like all of you to be there!!

All youth as well as 14 year olds and friends are invited to Camp Calvary for an evening spent playing human floosball, volleyball, basketball, giant glove boxing, rock climbing ect... We are planning on meeting @ Parkview @ 6:00 and have the gym rented from 7:00-10:00. 

All youth are invited to Parkview Church @ 7:00 for an evening of games... bring ur friends and check it out:)

go to the "Downloads" tab on the side and click on the new schedule.... thanks

There is going to be Youth Church, church service carried out by members of Martindale Youth Group, on Nov 9th @ Martindale and Nov 16th @ Parkview...

More details as time goes on.... We do need you to start thinking about the potential "preachers" from the youth group... Please pray about who, from the youth group, you think would do a good job of bringing a word from the Lord... please text your suggestions to Nelson or Christa...