Martindale District Youth Group News

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2016 Youth Auction Certificate List


1.      Cast Iron Butcher’s Kettle with Stand 24Donated by Larry Groff


2.      Large Copper Kettle 28Donated by Larry Groff


3.      Meal for 6-8 people By: Tamra & Jodi Martin, : Rolls, Ham Balls, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Beans, Macaroni Salad, Toll House Pie


May 15

 *START @ 1:00 not 1:30   

  * 3 Rounds

 1:00        6 vs 2 (S)

                8 vs 9 (B)

 2:00        1 vs 4 (S)

                 5 vs 3 (B)

 3:00        6 vs 7 (S)

                 5 vs 8 (B)

 May 22 

(I realize that there are 2 teams that play 3 games on this date… sorry for the inconvenience but with the make-up dates it’s the way it held out…

District Youth Reminders/Announcements;

i posted an interesting article under the parents tab... about chldren and iPads... check it out, see if you would agree...

The Youth Group is offering and strongly encouraging youth to install "Covenant Eyes" internet accountability software on all your internet devices... This does NOT cost any$$ and does not block any sites BUT it does monitor your device and sends a weekly report to the accountability partner... Parents i strongly encourage you to have this discussion with your son/daughter... If you are interested simply contact Nelson and he will set you up with a username and password... you really do have nothing to loose...