Martindale District Youth Group News

Thank you for checking out our website. I will try to keep the info current, and relevant. Notice the upcoming youth events tab for our schedule.

District Youth Reminders/Announcements;

Here is a link for the frisbee schedule for the spring frisbee league held @ Brubaker Park on Sunday afternoons... come on out and support your favorite team.


i posted an interesting article under the parents tab... about chldren and iPads... check it out, see if you would agree...

The Youth Group is offering and strongly encouraging youth to install "Covenant Eyes" internet accountability software on all your internet devices... This does NOT cost any$$ and does not block any sites BUT it does monitor your device and sends a weekly report to the accountability partner... Parents i strongly encourage you to have this discussion with your son/daughter... If you are interested simply contact Nelson and he will set you up with a username and password... you really do have nothing to loose...

There will be NO Bible Studies during the month of January because of the District Youth Winter Bible School. Every Tues. and Thurs. starting on the 8th, each evening will start @ 7:00 @ Martindale Church. Each evening there will be a different District leader sharing their story. We encourage everyone to participate. "Normal" Bible Studies will begin in February.