Martindale District Youth Group News

Thank you for checking out our website. I will try to keep the info current, and relevant. Notice the upcoming youth events tab for our schedule.

We are excited to announce that another couple has agreed to be added to the youth advisor team!! Stay Tuned:)

Martindale Mennonite Youth Group                                   July-August-September

 July 4/5: open

 July 11/12: to be determined…(Jerrys)

 Sunday July 19: Woodcrest Slide/Pond with Shiloh

 Sunday July 26: Outdoor Movie @ Larry & Darla Martin (Rogers)

 Martindale Summer Bible School July 5-9

 *Bible Study as usual

  Sunday August 2: Brian & Darlene Newswanger (Nelsons)

 August 8/9: Open

 Workweek August 10-13: Alleghany Boys Camp (Jerry)

 August 14/16: PA youth tent meetings @THMH

You can sign up, read and follow your progress with this link through BIBLE gateway... "CLICK HERE" ... check it out...

This is an announcement about some changes that are going to take place on the website for 2015.... We have decided to discontinue the calender, the gallery and I-PRAY tabs... the reason for this decision is due in large part to the amount of time that Christa and I have been giving in order to maintain them. We found ourselves ending up making too many changes to our schedule when made 6 months in advance... and it took several minutes just do upload 1 photo...  We are trying to be more effective and efficent with our time and energy this year...

The Youth Group is offering and strongly encouraging youth to install "Covenant Eyes" internet accountability software on all your internet devices... This does NOT cost any$$ and does not block any sites BUT it does monitor your device and sends a weekly report to the accountability partner... Parents i strongly encourage you to have this discussion with your son/daughter... If you are interested simply contact Nelson and he will set you up with a username and password... you really do have nothing to loose...